About me

Hello, I am Sidnei Weber 👋.

Graduated in Information Security, free software passionate, always looking to improve me and learn new technologies and market tendencies. In search of knowledge (How would say ET Bilu).

Technical knowledge

  • Network TCP/IP;
  • Programming Languages: Shell Script, PHP, Python, NodeJs;
  • CMS Tools: Wordpress, Magento;
  • Operational Systems: Linux, Windows;
  • Network Scans (NMAP);
  • Control versions (GIT);
  • Monitoring systems and services (Nagios/Zabbix);
  • Containers (Docker);
  • Configuration Management (Ansible), Scheduler Jobs (Rundeck)
  • Linux’s servers security;
  • Firewall Iptables, Pfsense, Fortinet;
  • Internet access control (Proxy – Squid), DHCP Server, Web Server
  • Apache, Instant Messaging Server (Openfire), Printing Server (Cups), Files and Users Server (LDAP/ Samba), Remote Access Server (SSH/FTP), Databases (MYSQL, Postgresql).
  • Virtualization (VirtualBox, Vmware, Proxmox);
  • Cloud (AWS, GCloud)

Skills + used

  • AWS
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • Docker

Languages + used

  • Python
  • Shell Script



Information Security - UNIP (Finished in 2022)